Mantis United is a brand label that makes authentic products.

By "authentic"  we mean, they're based on our lives.

Unlike so many brands today that just base their designs on

lame trends and market research...

.......that makes their products weak and contrived -

not authentic.


We live this. We're at it everyday, shredding, developing, working with the team. This is our life.


Thank you for looking.


We hope you like our AMERICAN made beanies, shirts and hats.

And our sunglasses that are handmade in ITALY.


- Mantis Crew



We produce snapback hats, beanies, sunglasses and accessories ! We also make shirts, hoodies & belts.



We make things in the U.S. and Italy ! 


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Real brands are run by the riders themselves.  People who have been involved their entire lives, not corporate suits that look to profit on what they know nothing about.

Mantis is an authentic independent label,  based in  California & Colorado.

​Copyright 2016, MANTIS UNITED

mantis united snapback mesh trucker

this is the new mantis united patch hat all black with cool breathable cotton canvas and mesh back so your brain doesn't melt down in the summer ! new drop black snapback

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